Optional: Set custom rule

Without going into much detail on cellular automata rulesets, I want to make sure you know that at levels 16 and above, Chainlife tokens can utilize custom rules to determine the lives of their population of cells.

Tokens will mature the ability to preview custom rules around level 13, and to do so, anyone can load a token, press \ and enter a valid ruleset. B123456/S9876542 is a valid ruleset, but it's kind of silly. B2/S8 is a fun one. B3/S23 is the Game of Life. All rulesets are in the format Bn/Sn where n are a series of digits.

There is research being done in regard to these kinds of rules, as there are billions of possible combinations.

You can shift your token to level 16, preview a ruleset, and if you like it, set it! If a valid ruleset is stored on chain and the token is level 16 or higher, that token will load with that ruleset as the default. Reset the on-chain ruleset by using the RESET button.

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