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Palette Maturity

Chainlife palettes mature, changing their default state and unlocking interactive functions.

Top Right Corner Symbols: Palette Maturity

Typical maturation is clockwise from top right, but some tokens are more advanced than others out of the minter!
Note: Palette Maturity based on transfer counts can differ between Chainlife tokens.

Base Palette

Base palette symbol is top right quarter pie wedge
The token starts with the original arrangement of the palette's colors (live, recently dead, long-dead/background).

Flippable Palette

Palette Flippable symbol is bottom right quarter pie wedge.
User interactivity is unlocked allowing the background color and live color to flip.

Inverted Palette

Palette Inverted symbol is bottom left quarter pie wedge.
The token starts with the dead cell color and live colors swapped.

Rotatable Palette

Palette Cycling symbol is top left quarter pie wedge
User interactivity is unlocked allowing live, recently dead, and background/dead cell colors to be cycled.
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