Chapter 4: Open your token!

You can open a token's page from the World view as described in the previous section, directly from the form on, or from marketplaces by clicking the link to view the token on (Note, opening from the World view opens in a new tab, and you might need to disable popup blockers).

The token page has a live-generator of the token, the live-generated token traits, and also two forms for the token owners to use to write to the contract:

  • Custom Rule section allows owners to write a custom rule to chain that the token will automatically use if its level is at least 16. Custom rules must use the format Bn/Sn where n is a single or series of digits. No quotes are required, and custom rules can be removed or overwritten at any time by their owner. This is a free customization - only gas is needed.

  • Shift Levels section allows owners to set a level shift on-chain. This can be a positive or negative integer, and it gets added to the token's transfer count to determine it's level. Note that this requires a payment of .001 Eth per level that is being shifted, positive or negative. This charge helps to offset the costs of the data processing the API must do whenever a token's on-chain data changes.

There are additional links to open the token on marketplaces, on analytics pages, and to open the full page token generator.

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