Room for Growth

The Chainlife collection has sets of traits that don't affect individual tokens.

These traits are included for a number of reasons, but most significantly, they allow the community to take part in the growth of the project. One pair of these traits are specific to the Chainlife World and the playable levels, so we'll cover 'community traits' in that section.

Every Chainlife token has a pair of Esoterra traits.

I wanted to look at the on-chain data of a Chainlife token in a different, dimensional way, so I coded something I'm calling 'Esoterra.' I created a 3D renderer proof-of-concept for this, explorable from the World viewer. The Esoterra script uses the same on-chain script inputs, and the same traits from the token.

While I have ideas for what this can become, it's not only mine to make. The data is available and anyone can help build Esoterra: a unique sort of metaverse that is meta-connected to a two-dimensional game token that lives in a 3d game-world. I don't know if it will be navigable with VR headsets, or if it'll just be a fantastic environment built using a token's traits, but it has great potential to become something amazing that together, Chainlife owners and appreciatooors build.

Time will tell what - if anything - Esoterra becomes. Chainlife is the 'genesis project' of my platform, and it will be the foundation for my future interactive projects. My hope is that passionate and enthusiastic collectors join me in this exploration of deep-blockchain-interaction generative art and games.

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