Chapter 1: Find your token*

*Or choose someone else's token you want to play with

You can browse the collection on marketplaces, but there are also specific ways to interact on the website with a token ID. Here are links to marketplaces and rarity tools where you can see the tokens:

Find a token, click on it and see how the patterns in the middle of the token change. If you want, hit H to see hotkeys, but spoiler: there's a lot and it might be overwhelming. Compare it to some other tokens. Some may live forever, some may die out, some may stabilize in a loop. These are cellular automata apps in disguise.

Note the pattern in the center of the Chainlife token - that's the population of live cells, and it's based on the owner's address and the previous owner's address. If the token was minted but never transferred, then the pattern is an exact translation of the minters wallet address in binary form, where 1's are live and 0's are dead. Once transfers have happened, it gets more complicated, but it's always the result of the current and previous owners' addresses after being passed through one of six, binary logic gates.

This means that Chainlife tokens change every transfer!

Sometimes the changes are minor, and sometimes they're major. To preview how the starting seed will look after a transfer, there's a tool built into every token, but it won't show palette or other evolution changes.

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