Goerli contract: 0x04c9E99D134565eB0F0Fef07FB70741A5b615075

Switch to Goerli Test Network

Goerli is a test network for Ethereum. It uses a different Eth, called Goerli Eth, which has no value, and tokens on Goerli have no value. If you haven't ever used Goerli, you won't have any GoerliETH. Post your address in the discord or message Matto with your address and he'll send you .1 GoerliETH, which is plenty for this experiment.

You have to switch the network your web3 app or browser extension uses from mainnet to goerli in order to interact with the Goerli testnet. You don't need a different eth address; you can use one you already have.

In the Metamask extension, there's a dropdown at the top of the popup window...

If this is the first time you've used a testnet, you may have to enable them...

After testnets are enabled, go back to the dropdown and select Goerli...

Once you select Goerli test network, it will show at the top of Metamask, and any Goerli Eth you have will be shown as GoerliETH so people don't confuse the two.

All Chainlife testnet activity will be on Goerli! When you're done interacting with the testnet, you will need to switch back to mainnet to interact on the Ethereum mainnet.

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