Chapter 3: World Interaction

With the World view active (click in there to activate it), press the backslash key: \

A test input will pop up. Click in it, enter L0 , and then click the button. This will put the focus on level 0 of the Chainlife World, and any tokens that are level 0 will appear there! Notice how the other levels are partially transparent.

There's more that you can do when viewing a level, but for now, exit the level 0 focus by pressing spacebar.

You can open any World level that is being displayed. Here for this first version, levels 0-63 are shown. Any tokens above level 63 will appear on level 63 in the World view. Similarly, tokens with negative levels, will instead appear on level 0.

You can also highlight any individual token by pressing the backslash key \ to open the input field, and then enter T0 (or any other token number). Enter T and <your token number>, then press the button. Your token will highlight, the focus will shift to the level of your token, and all other tokens will become partially transparent.

There's more to do, but let's open your token! With your Chainlife token highlighted, press C to open the token page or press G to generate the token in a full screen page (allow popups).

Check it out and continue in the next section.

(Note, you don't need to use the input field for any 'hotkeys.' The input field is only used to focus on levels or to highlight tokens.)

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