Chapter 7: Play a level

Back in the Chainlife World 3D viewer, focus on a particular level. Any level with tokens on it will be fine, go ahead and try #5 to start.

Review: open the input field with \ and then enter L0 or L and another integer between 0 and 63.

Once you have a World level in focus, press P (not in the input field, just hit the key). This will interpret any Chainlife tokens on that level as live cells and create a cellular automata player in a new window! (Might have to disable pop-up blockers.) Note that the 'level' of the player, is the level of the level.

Most of the same functions are available in the level player, but there are a few exceptions. Notably, you can't input an Eth address to preview how it would look if transferred there. Also, there are no owner's of this ethereal level, just owners that occupy portions of it.

The level's style is randomly generated every 6 minutes, and it's worldwide. For example, anyone loading level 5 at the same time, from anywhere, will all see the same palette and features.

Note: you can also launch a level from a highlighted token in the World view. The level that launches will be the level of the highlighted token.

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