Optional: Esoterra

Every token also has the potential to create a 3D map, and I call this alternative render an Esoterra. This is experimental and meta, and I've created a proof of concept.

From the world view, when a token is highlighted (you remember how to do that, right? \ and then T<token number>). When a token is highlighted, press V to view its Esoterra (opens in new window, may need to disable pop-up blockers).

This is a render of the token's on-chain data, using the token's starting seed data, and rendered with some other traits from the token. Easiest to notice is that the palettes match. Navigate around the Esoterra 3D view like you would the World viewer, with click and drag.

These are 3D spaces that change with blockchain data, together creating a larger 3D world made of on-chain assets and on-chain data, controlled by the token's owners'.... But enough of my ramblings for now, you've done quite enough! You're now an experienced Chainlife navigatoooor (or something).

I hope you had fun playing with these tokens, and hey, I hope you learned something too. There's even more to discover, and I can't wait to see how the project grows. Thank you for spending time learning about these very different and complex artworks.

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