Trait-Specific Interactivity

  • 'T' or 'Y' to switch palettes - Zen. Mints only.

  • 'J' disables Joy overlays - Non-standard Joy tokens only.

  • 'G' Enables ghost mode - Non-standard Joy tokens only.

  • and some other fun things...

'Zen. Mints' and special interactivity

Chainlife NFTs minted during the premint will always be special.

To thank prior collectors of my Art Blocks 'Zenerative' projects, Enso and FOCUS, the premint period is token-gated to only allow wallets holding those tokens to mint.

Tokens minted during premint will be 'Zen. Mints,' and they'll have a corresponding trait. In addition, they have an ability that other tokens do not; they can switch to Enso and FOCUS palettes during play.

Regardless of the a Zen. Mint's palette, the keys 'T' and 'Y' (for ty / thank you) will switch the palette being used to Enso or FOCUS, respectively. These changes are not permanent, and they'll only last until the token is refreshed.

'Non-Standard Joy' special interactivity

The baseline trait for all Chainlife tokens is Joy : Standard.

Some tokens have other Joy traits, and those tokens have joy-based interactive functions.

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