Token Info

Chainlife is an on-chain, generative-art-mimics-life-mimics-art collectible and evolving game-within-a-game, by Matto.

Each Chainlife token is a self-contained, fully on-chain, evolvable, generative art game, and together they form a large, collaborative game world that can be represented in 3D.

Each token features a population of cellular automata, that are born, live, or die based on particular rules. If left alone, they carry out their business, but as the token matures through on-chain transactions, a player can interact with this population in amazing ways. Owners have even more power, impacting the starting population as well as being able to write custom rules to chain - controlling the very existence of the cellular automata and how every player experiences it.

Before going any further, let me ask you a question: What legacy will you add to a Chainlife?

Every minter, buyer, seller, and customizer changes the Chainlife token - and not just by creating a random hash. Most of these changes are easy and happen automatically as the NFTs are transferred between wallets, but there's much more beneath the surface. Collectors and enthusiasts can wield significant power over Chainlife NFTs, if they choose to learn how.

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