Chapter 6: Shift token level

Shifting a token's level allows owners to control the maturity level of their token and which level in the Chainlife World their token exists on. It is additive, meaning if the level shift is 5, and an owner submits a transaction to shift the token by 4, then the new level is 9.

Negative shifts are allowed.

Note that the world levels that tokens can live on are restricted: 0 - 9999. Currently, the World viewer for the testnet will only show a fraction of these levels: 0 - 20. The mainnet World view will show levels 0 - 63, and additional ranges will be searchable and viewable in a future update.

So, browse to the page of your token, make sure you've connected your wallet, and submit a level shift. For fun, try shifting your token around, maybe to level 10 so it can exist on the same level as Matto's token #5. It'll stay there until the owner submits another level shift transaction or the token is transferred.

The World level is the token transfer count + the cumulative level shift.

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