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Chainlife tokens are aware, and they change on transfer!

Project overview:

Chainlife tokens: microcosms of digital life that are interactive, evolving, and aware.
Chainlife world: ever-changing macrocosm controlled by you, that is collaborative, (also) on-chain, and extendible.
Chainlife forest: growing a healthy forest ecosystem (not on chain) to fight climate change and keep Chainlife carbon negative.
Chainlife project: genesis project of Matto's blockchain interactive platform, Substratum.
Chainlife is a project that allows exploration of cellular automata. At the most granular level, it's a collection of 4096 individual generative art NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The generative scripts are on-chain, and all traits are calculated live in token. They're aware of many pieces of blockchain data, and they change: evolving and maturing in unique ways as they respond to transfers and on-chain customizations that their owners can set. You can see and interact with the smart contract here.
The tokens combine together to form a collaborative and ever-evolving world, formed by grid of 64 x 64 cells. Each cell can exist on any level in this world, ranging from level 0 to level 9999. As tokens 'mature', they gain levels, and as the token gains a level, it's cell in the world grid also gains a level. Additionally, owners can 'level shift' their token by a positive or negative value, thereby changing which level the token exists on.
The Chainlife project has committed to fight climate change. To create a positive environmental impact, the project's carbon footprint at mint out, times 100, has been carbon offset. Additionally, mint funds will be used to buy bare land and grow a forest to help fight climate change. Also, the API and front end apps all run on a carbon neutral platform (Azure).
Chainlife is the genesis project of Substratum, an on-chain genart platform committed to fighting climate change and supporting blockchain-interactive NFT projects like no other platform can.
There's a ton of detail and information about this very rich project, and this gitbook will serve as the project's documentation. Please note that it's a work in progress! Continue to the Quickstart Guide, or jump to other areas through the navigation.